Monday, December 26, 2011

❆ My 2011 X'mAs eVe ❆

 Merry X'mas everyone!!
This is X'mas Eve now and I'm prepared for the night☺

My X'mas make up for the night❤
I'm really love my eyelashes and my nude lip❤
Besides, I set the natural wave hair myself.
Isn't me looks nice? :p

Last few snap with my beloved X'mas tree at my bedroom 
Cause I need to keep it back after tomorrow until next X'mas :(

Here my simple outfits for the night☺
Lets go party!!!

My DeaR have reserved a X'mas Fine Dining Dinner at G Hotel Penang.
So here I am. (n_n)

The beautiful decorations at G Hotel Hall make me can't stop to snap picture again ><

Its time to having my Fine Dining Dinner at Soy & Sesame Restaurant,G Hotel❤
I was look at the Menu.

Oops!!my mum was calling me that time :p
"okok~I will take care myself~bye mum!"

Here we are❤

My DeaR was playing the star decorations on table with my nail & my face! XP

Okay~lets see the foods we order☺

❆Christmas Combination❆
Crispy vegetable julienned & stuffed lychee with curried crabmeat.
Baby abalones & jelly fish with edamame beans.

❆Double boiled white Fungus Broth❆
black skinned chicken and shark's fin.

❆Black Sesame Bean-Curd❆
bailing mushroom & sauteed julienned snow peas.

❆Pan Seared Turkey Roll❆
stuffed with asparagus & chives flower in a light vinaigrette.

❆Warm Glutinous Rice❆
sauteed minced duck & preserved radish

❆Christmas Ginger Pudding❆
pistachio ice-cream & ginger snap.

Yummu yummy❤

Some gifts came together with the dinner
Haha XD

After dinner,we walked around the Gurney and DeaR bought me the rose and a pair of bears.
Cause the girl came few time for us and ask DeaR buy for me.
She really a excellent seller!!

and see!!I was playing the bubble XD
Isn't me too childish?LOL><

Snap a lot pictures with my DeaR at Christmas Count Down Venue since waiting 12 o'clock :p
5,4,3,2,1 Merry Christmas!!!

Merry X'mas to my DeaR, you bring me a memorable X'mas eve❤
Merry X'mas to all my dear friends, all the best for all of you❤

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

✿Perfect Glossy Nude Lips ❤ 完美裸唇✿

My previous photo with glossy nude lips makeup❤

Glossy nude lips always suitable for any makeup style and any outfits☺

Prepare this for nude lips makeup➘


Lip Balm 润唇膏
Lip Concealer 唇部遮瑕膏
Lip Stick 口红
Lip Gloss 唇彩 

Neutrogena lip moisturizer + Canmake lip concealer + Rimmel pinky lip stick + Rimmel sweet jelly lip gloss

Step ❶
Moistirizing the lip with lip balm.
Leave it about 5 minutes. 

Step ❷
Apply lip concealer all over the lip to erase natural pigments & color.

Step ❸
Choose the pink,peach or nude series color for your lip stick.
Optional:use a lip brush.

Step ❹
Spread the lip gloss.
Avoid from too much or will looks oily.

Here my glossy nude lip :p
完成我的闪闪裸唇 :p

Only mascara & eyebrow after lip makeup><
Cause I'm rush to go :p
化完唇妆后只涂上睫毛膏和画眉 ><

Simple makeup

❤Stay Pretty❤